Capon Bridge Food Pantry
Make checks payable to Amazing Grace Baptist church and put Food Pantry in memo line
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PO Box 540, Capon Bridge, WV 26711

External Resources:

Please check out these external sermon and resource links to examine various theological topics from a Reformed perspective.

M’Cheyne’s Yearly Bible Reading Plan

Click to access calendar.pdf

Hymns of the Faith

Genevan Psalter

Church and the World

Gospel and Politics

Covenant Theology

The Lord’s Supper

Click to access Keller-Changing_the_World_through_the_Lords_Supper.pdf



  • Candid Answers for God against a Secular World

  • Prayer – (Timothy Keller)

  • Battling Despondency – (John Piper)

  • Overcoming past failures (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

  • Biblical Illiteracy

  • The Reason for God – (Timothy Keller)

Chp. 1 – There Can’t Be Just One True Religion

Chp. 2 – How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?

Chp. 3 – Is Christianity a Straitjacket?

Chp. 4 – The Church and Injustice

Chp. 5 – How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?

Chp. 6 – Science Has Disproved Christianity               

Chp. 7 – You Can’t Take the Bible Literally                      

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