On the Lighter Side…(a comedy skit by Pastor Steve and Rev. Michael Funkhouser)



External Resources:

Please check out these external sermon and resource links to examine various theological topics from a Reformed perspective.

M’Cheyne’s Yearly Bible Reading Plan

Hymns of the Faith

Genevan Psalter

Church and the World

Gospel and Politics

Covenant Theology

The Lord’s Supper



  • Candid Answers for God against a Secular World

  • Prayer – (Timothy Keller)

  • Battling Despondency – (John Piper)

  • Overcoming past failures (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

  • Biblical Illiteracy

  • The Reason for God – (Timothy Keller)

Chp. 1 – There Can’t Be Just One True Religion

Chp. 2 – How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?

Chp. 3 – Is Christianity a Straitjacket?

Chp. 4 – The Church and Injustice

Chp. 5 – How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?

Chp. 6 – Science Has Disproved Christianity               

Chp. 7 – You Can’t Take the Bible Literally                      

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