Timber Ridge Christian Church was founded in 1812.

The first church sanctuary was a simple structure of log construction located near the present site of our sanctuary.

The second church building was erected in 1875 of brick construction, and this continues to be our church sanctuary to this day.

Timer Ridge 3

Timber Ridge 8

The cemetery dates back to the founding of our church and its original log building, and it also continues to be in active use.

Timber Ridge 7

Timber Ridge 5

Timber Ridge’s historical denominational background was a “Christian Church” which became a part of the United Church of Christ in 1957.  Timber Ridge left the United Church of Christ in 2013 over theological issues and became an independent, non-denominational church, affiliated with the Evangelical Alliance of Reformed and Congregational Christian Churches.

In 2019, Timber Ridge called Rev. Mike VanDerLinden (a graduate of LAMP Seminary) to be our pastor. Mike is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and an active Teaching Elder in New River Presbytery. While Timber Ridge is in no way directly affiliated with nor bound to the PCA, Timber Ridge does afford Mike the freedom to preach and teach the Word of God from a Reformed understanding of the Holy Scriptures, as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Come out and join with us as we praise God for His goodness to us here at Timber Ridge Christian Church!