Words or Truth?

The other day my wife and children were having an English lesson in which they had to discuss the meaning of the term “propaganda.” She tried to explain it to them, and with just a little searching around the house they soon found a perfect example of it on the back of my stick of deodorant. It read:

This product contains: “ODOR-FIGHTING ‘ATOMIC ROBOTS’ THAT SHOOT LASERS AT STENCH MONSTERS…” Really? ATOMIC ROBOTS? Well, no, not literally, but the makers of Old Spice sure wanted to convey to the purchaser that their product is far superior to anyone else’s.

Over the course of human history, many people have thought that the Bible was nothing more than “religious propaganda.” All it contained they contended was nothing more than a bunch of exaggerated claims about sin in the world to prey on the weak-minded, gullible masses so religious folk could control their morality. Nothing could be further from the truth! The Bible does have a lot to say about sin, and mankind’s responses to it — not because “churchmen” want us to respond a certain way with our lifestyle choices — but because God does. The Bible is not propaganda, it is TRUTH.

America is full of vicious political rhetoric right now that is full of propaganda. Voices from both the right and the left screaming at us about what is right or wrong and how we should think about things. Do not give in to human propaganda! There is but one voice we need to hear to make right decisions in this life, and that voice is God’s as He has spoken to us through His Word. Make it a point this spring to study it. You’ll be amazed how much God’s Word has to say about this life, if only we stop and listen to Him instead of the world’s propaganda.


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