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As we go through the business of life it is very easy to ignore warning signs along the way.  A few weeks ago when I was driving back from Morgantown, the “check engine” light illuminated on the dashboard.  What was it?  Was it an oil leak?  Was it a blown seal?  Was I about to be stranded on the road?  What should I do?  I drove it all the way home, constantly watching every other dial on the dashboard for any other sign of a problem.  None were forthcoming.  I took the van to the repair shop a few days later, and it turned out to be nothing more than a dirty fuel system as a result of cheap ethanol enhanced gas.  One can of fuel injector/fuel system cleaner later and the light had cleared.  I was good to go, at least as far as the light was concerned.  This incident however does raise a larger question that is worth pondering.  Can a solution can of anything really fix the problem?  The answer is of course no.  It can make the problem slightly better for sure, and it may even be able to act as a preventive for future problems, but to really correct a deficiency and restore something to its “factory” condition one does not simply need a can of solutions, he needs an entire overhaul!
How often do we treat our faith life with God the same way!  “Honey, the ‘check our spirituality light’ just illuminated on the dashboard – what should we do?”  “Throw in a can of quick fix Bible verse and prayer solvent and we’ll be fine.”  No, you won’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I want you to read the Bible and pray, but that in and of itself will not deal with the problem you are facing; you have to apply what Scripture teaches to your life.  Take Psalm 131 for example:
O Lord, my heart is not proud, nor my eyes haughty;
            Nor do I involve myself in great matters,
            Or in things too difficult for me. (Psalm 131:1)
Do you have a proud heart?  Do you have haughty eyes?  Do you chase after things too great for you in your own strength?  If you do, then reading a Bible verse and calling it good will not improve your condition one bit.  It is only when you earnestly read and apply Scripture to your life situation through the prompting and strength of the Holy Spirit that life changing maintenance is done.  May that be the engine diagnostic you need to not simply seek a quick fix solution to problems you encounter in life, but a lasting fix that will show you the true health or deterioration of your spiritual condition.

Rev. Steven T. Szelmeczki



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